Local area: Faugeres Windmills

The windmills are called the Faugeres Windmills – the site is above 410 meters above sea level.

Built in the 16th century on Gallo-Roman remains. There are Capitelles (small round buildings which you can see all over the hills surrounding the windmills.) These curious dry stone buildings were formerly shepherds shelters and are very well -constructed. They are about 200-300 years old.

In the 12th century there was a working mill on the hill, on the site of what is now the central tower. This tower now forms part of the millers house. Three mills in total.

One restored as a reception/souvenir area. The latter has a stone carved panoramic map on the top. All three mills were working in the 16th century.

Just one of the many sights in and around the Villa's area of Laurens

Laurens Villa for sale - Faugeres Windmills is near the Villa and is a great place to visit.

Views from the Faugeres windmill

Stunning views surround the Faugeres windmills